Being A Good Neighbour 101

Family uses Concord’s kids play room amenity at the LakeFront.

Whether you hope to become gym buddies with someone on your floor or you prefer to keep to yourself, condo living requires you to coexist with your neighbours. The best way to do this is simpler than you may think. That’s because your condo board has clear rules that remove the guesswork out of being a good neighbour. From the convenient shared amenities to being mindful in your own unit, here are some ways to exhibit neighbourly etiquette.

Shhh…this is a shared living space

One of the best feelings is coming home after a long day and unwinding in your personal refuge. The last thing you want is loud bass reverberating on the walls or floors, excessive barking, the continuous sound of a drill, or other annoying sounds. Your neighbours don’t either. While there’s no need to be as quiet as a mouse, it’s important to refrain from creating or allowing any noise or nuisance that disturbs those around you.

Keep the loud music to a reasonable level or use amenities like the Concord karaoke room.

Beyond the obvious nixing of excessively loud music (including on your balcony, where speakers have no place), did you know quiet rules include fireworks or firecrackers? Keep them out of your unit and common areas. Considering that dream reno? Save it for between 9 am and 6 pm during weekdays, and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, to minimize disruptive construction noise. As for Fido’s bark? It might be his way of being friendly but if your pet is deemed a nuisance, you may be asked to remove it. To ensure your pet and your neighbours’ comfort, you may want to train Fido to shake a paw as a greeting instead.

Resident works out in Concord’s gym amenity at the Lakefront.

Quiet enjoyment extends beyond your unit into amenities such as the exercise room. Grab your private headset rather than a portable stereo to get the most of your workout. Be mindful of noisy, rowdy, or raucous behaviour in all amenity facilities. Ensure your motorcycle is licensed and equipped with the most recent noise control devices.

Keeping everyone safe

In addition to shared walls and common areas, you and your neighbours also have a connected plumbing system. [IS1] It’s easy to overlook some of the unexpected things that clog drains and cause issues for everyone. When you clean your home, keep sweepings, garbage, rubbish, rags, ashes, or similar substances out of your toilets, sinks, showers, bath tubs, and other parts of the plumbing system. You’ll be responsible for any resulting problems. The best way to clean your home and to simultaneously be a good neighbour is to dispose these items in the garbage disposal.

Don’t forget to wipe down exercise equipment after use.

In the same plumbing token, always remember to completely turn off your faucets. This is especially important when you’re going on vacation. While you’re at it, arrange to stop newspaper and other deliveries, and inform the property manager that you’ll be away. If delivered items pile up, they’ll not only be unsightly but may be removed by the property manager. And, because your neighbours will come to recognize you, if you have someone housesitting notify the property manager so everyone feels safe.

Just as quiet enjoyment extends beyond your home, there are ways to help keep everyone safe in the common areas.

Staying active, for example, is important, but keep roller skating, skateboarding, bicycling, ball throwing, street games, and other similar activities outside rather than in the common elements and areas. You’re better off taking advantage of the gym amenities of your Concord building. Don’t forget your plastic water bottle, but leave the protein bar and any glass containers at home. There’s good reason for that: It helps to maintain the cleanliness of your amenities — as does sanitizing workout equipment after use, foregoing messy body powders that could cause slip hazards, and wearing the proper attire. A bit of planning before you head down to the amenities is a win-win for everyone.

Being a good neighbour not only makes condo living that much more enjoyable, but it also protects you and your loved ones while helping to maintain the integrity and the unique character of your condo community. What’s great is that your condo’s rules make it that much easier. By taking a few minutes to become familiar with them, you’ll be well on your way to being the type of person others will be happy to call their neighbour.

Disclaimer: Building by-laws could vary depending on building or location. This guide is to be used as only a reference for rules in 17 and 19 Bathurst St. Toronto.