Concord Sets the Standard for Residential EV Parking — Today and into the Future

After a long day of driving to work and running errands, your electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid needs some juice. Instead of spending time looking for a public EV charging station, you head straight home to your Concord EV parking garage and plug right in.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Design

For years, Concord’s been taking the guesswork out of EV charging for homeowners. In fact, back in 2009, Concord was the first developer to offer EV charging stalls in Vancouver’s Cosmo development and the first to offer 100 percent EV charging in The Arc development. Since then, we have led sustainability efforts, providing quick-charging stalls to multi-family residential towers. With multiple hydro, solar, and wind projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, Concord generates more than enough energy to power 175,000 EV vehicles annually.

Central, a downtown Toronto development project, is set to become Ontario’s first residential building to offer EV charging in every parking stall. Concord Sky, one of Canada’s tallest skyscrapers when completed, will follow suit. Not only will the nearly 1,000 ft.-tall tower have unmatched Toronto views, but it will also boast 100 percent EV quick-charging stalls. When it’s finished, King’s Landing in the Concord Park Place master-planned community will feature the largest amount of EV parking spots of any Ontario condo.

How It’s Done

As you plug in your vehicle and head home for the evening, you likely aren’t thinking about the behind-the-scenes of EV charging. But just how does Concord facilitate so many EV spots? In Toronto and Vancouver, Concord has taken individualized approaches. 


Concord’s current developments in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) use a metering system for each charging unit. Concord has arranged for energy management companies, such as Provident, to manage and allocate the electrical consumption from your parking stall towards your condo unit’s monthly electrical bill.

In Metro Vancouver developments, chargers connect to a centralized area containing all the residential charging details. Software monitors each stall’s EV charging data based on individual use. Smart meters connected to the building’s existing network send your consumption data to an online platform that produces detailed consumption reports. Your property manager reviews these reports and arranges for payment from those who charge from their stall.


No matter where you’re located, we’ve equipped Concord’s EV parking garages with Level 2 chargers. This quick-charge option charges your vehicle up to 8 times faster than Level 1 charging. That means our Level 2 chargers will have your totally depleted battery fully charged in 3-8 hours — as opposed to 11-20 hours with a slow-charge Level 1 option.

A Very Green Future

As more drivers embrace EVs, Concord is focused on load management, which refers to balancing how much electricity is used at any one time to ensure our network can handle the load and maintain service and stability. While equipping our buildings with EV structures that meet industry-best standards, we are simultaneously adapting and enhancing along the way — so you don’t have to think about anything other than getting a charge and getting on your way.

With green technology rapidly evolving, Concord is right there to ensure we are designing large-scale green communities. Our progressive approach includes building in urbanized locations that are close to transit, which means you live in automated, energy-efficient smart buildings that always put the environment, your lifestyle, and a sustainable future first.

*Building features may vary from project to project and may be modified at any time. For the latest and most complete details, please refer to individual developments.