How do you prepare for the future? On a personal level, you may consider investments, where your kids will go to school, and the skills you’ll need for tomorrow’s workplaces. For Concord, preparing for the future means ensuring your home and shared amenities are compatible with a high-tech lifestyle.

Here are three unique ways Concord designs future-proof residential towers in Toronto and Vancouver.

Touchless Entry

Forget digging around the bottom of your bag for your building fob — or worse yet, panicking if you lose it. At Concord, your smartphone becomes the building key. The technology, known as near-field communication (NFC), is a standard transmission feature of most smartphones. It removes the need for physical keys, fobs, or ID cards. Tap the appropriate app on your phone, and you’re in. You’ll find the keyless mobile entry at many new Concord developments.

Water Detection System

Concord’s newer projects include a significant investment that reduces the possibility of water damage incidents and their severity. In new Concord developments, Concord’s Water Damage Protection System uses online monitoring with a smart technology algorithm that instantly blocks abnormal water flow. The software notifies your property manager in real time and allows them to shut off the water in seconds — even remotely. A property manager can also remotely open drain valves to accelerate the draining process away from leaking pipes. This intelligent system extends beyond your home to the elevators, where it encases expensive computer components. Other features include smart water sensors in the elevator pits, which trigger an alarm when they detect water. These are just a few of the unique water detection inclusions in some of our newer projects.

Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers are housed in a secure parcel room — so you never have to worry about deliveries going missing. When your package is delivered, you’ll receive a text message notification with a manual code and QR code. Simply head to the parcel locker room at your convenience, enter the code or scan the QR code, and retrieve your package.

Refrigerated Parcel Lockers

You still have four hours left in your workday when you get a text message that the courier delivering your weekly meal prep dropped it off earlier than expected. Typically, you’d worry, but living in a Concord development removes thoughts of wilted lettuce or questionable protein. With refrigerated parcel storage lockers, your deliveries remain at just the right temperature to ensure freshness. Look for these thoughtful parcel amenities in selected Concord projects.

While smart technology such as high-speed internet has become a common element in multi-residential living, Concord is looking well beyond today’s trends. Our high-tech inclusions are forward-thinking, anticipating the needs of an increasingly automated existence. As part of a larger, holistic system, this is tech designed to simplify all areas of fast-paced lives by offering ultra-convenience and ensuring peace of mind so you can focus on the things that matter most.

*Building features may vary from project to project and may be modified at any time. For the latest and most complete details, please refer to individual developments.