Elevate Your Space With Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

A flourishing garden inside and outside your condo or townhome is the perfect way to cultivate a blissful, serene ambiance to enjoy.

Gone are the days of gardening having to be a tedious and overwhelming process. We’ve partnered with the local experts at GARDENWORKS to share easy-to-implement gardening tips, new gardening technology, and efficient, seamless solutions, so you can create a beautiful garden to enjoy for your home year-round in creative ways for your living spaces.

Patio and Balcony Gardening

Gardening provides the perfect complement to your outdoor living space on your patio or balcony, to enhance your seamless indoor-outdoor living year-round.

Defining your colour palette at the start will facilitate a cohesive theme, as it can extend to not only your garden, but also the furniture, pots, outdoor carpets, lighting, candles, and lanterns that you choose to accent your space with.

Even during the colder months for milder winters, your patio or balcony garden can thrive. For shrubs, both yew trees in containers and euonymus, which are evergreen shrubs, do well on balconies. If you’re looking for bedding and perennial plants, pansies, heuchera, and evergreen grasses can enhance your outdoor space.

Once you have your plants picked out, grouping planters of various sizes in groups of three together creates an eye-catching area.

Garden Plot Gardening

In select projects, we’ve enhanced our Concord buildings with garden plots to support your wellness, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of living in a condo, while having your very own garden plot that can flourish throughout the year.

To get started, we recommend heading over to the GARDENWORKS blog, where they have shared how to protect your garden plot for the drop in temperature in the fall and winter, if you’re within a climate similar to Metro Vancouver, so you can ensure you have a healthy garden year-round.

During milder fall and winters, if your garden plot is in the sun, plants like lavender, pansies, evergreen grasses, euonymus, taxus, sedums, and euphorbia do well. These options are low maintenance, as they are drought tolerant after their first season in a new growing area.

For a shadier garden plot, hellebore, evergreen ferns, and heuchera are wonderful options that require minimal cleaning. While they favor regular watering, they stay a vibrant green year-round, and as an extra perk, you won’t need to worry about pruning in the off season.

If you’re looking for produce that can withstand mild winters, there are a couple nutrient-rich options to consider. While the growth does slow in the winter, kale can still be harvested during these colder months. It’s recommended to collect the seeds in the late winter and early spring to re-sow for the next seasons growing. Once harvested, kale’s robust flavour works wonderfully when incorporated into stews, soups, and even hearty salads. Radishes are also a great choice for harvesting during the early winter. They thrive in a sun-exposed area as their leafy tops love the sun, they’re one of the fastest growing root vegetables, and they add a delicious vibrant flavour to a variety of dishes.

To ensure your outdoor garden plot thrives, it’s important to utilize a high-quality fertilizer, and select premium soil for a healthy garden plot. GARDENWORKS has a vast selection of specially formulated mixes for your garden type, including container growing soils, landscape and garden soils, soil enhancers, and more, as well as experts who can support you in finding the perfect foundation for your growing season, assess your garden plot, and help choose the plants that will flourish in your area.

Indoor Gardening

Gardening isn’t just for the outdoors; it’s the perfect addition to condo and townhome living and can take your space to the next level for a nourishing atmosphere inside your home.

When it comes to low maintenance gardening indoors, light exposure is key. If you’re unsure of what exposure your plant needs, a handy trick is to try and mimic the plant’s natural habitat.

For a bright, south facing sunny home, rubber plants, fiddle leaf figs, yucca, and bromeliad will be the perfect addition to your place. If your home is on the shadier side, options like a peace lily, dracaena, aglaonema, and African violet are wonderful choices.

When it comes to containers, transplant your plant into one that is at least two inches larger in diameter than the grower pot you buy it in with optimal drainage for the best results. A high-quality indoor potting mix, a saucer underneath the pot, and a cork mat under the saucer to protect your surfaces indoors will set you up for success.

Another key component to your indoor garden’s health is watering. Tools such as a moisture meter and a water globe can make this process a breeze.

Then, the right fertilizer can make a world of difference in the health of your plants. Fertilizer with the proper amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as micronutrients for your plant ensures your plants have the best chance of thriving in their new home.

Looking to make big changes to your indoor plants? For the best results, keep these larger shifts to the more active seasons like spring and summer as opposed to winter.

Eager to grow herbs within your home to use in various recipes? Smart Gardens, combining nature with technology, provide an easy, efficient solution for you. They’re compact, stylish, and low maintenance; perfect for condo living. Looking to start gardening with a Smart Garden today? Be sure to check out our giveaway on our Instagram for a chance to win your very own Smart Garden.

Beyond Gardening

In addition to elevating your space with gardening, there are many further additions that can create a peaceful, personalized environment in your condo or townhome for you and your guests.

If you’re sensitive to scents but are looking for the ambiance that candles provide, the Everlasting Candle provides warmth and glow to your space in a scent-free, smoke-free, clean-burning package. On the other hand, if you’re looking to immerse your room with an alluring aroma while purifying your air, Maison Berger Paris Aroma collections are the perfect choice.

For the upcoming holiday season, from trees, to ornaments, kitchen items, and more, GARDENWORKS has a wide selection of holiday items to fill your home with the seasonal spirit.

Whether you’re starting with your very first house plant, or planning out your soon-to-be thriving garden plot, there are so many incredible and highly regarded ways to enhance the design of your space year-round creatively with gardening.