From Balcony to Outdoor Living Room

The days when your balcony gathered dust for the majority of the year are over. Today’s balconies are being completely reimagined — taking them from a nice-to-have feature to an extension of your living space. Concord is going one step further by focusing on balcony elements that reinvent your personal outdoor space into an oasis that’s useable no matter the season.

Whether it’s Concord Canada House, Saisons, or The Gloucester on Yonge in Toronto; or Concord Brentwood in Burnaby, B.C., here’s how we’re turning balconies into outdoor living rooms.

Creating the Ambiance

Turn off your cell phone’s flashlight feature. You don’t need it to navigate your balcony at night anymore. Concord’s balconies are outfitted with overhead lighting. Use it as a workspace during summer evenings or have friends over for a night of hot toddies as the first snowfall dusts the city. When setting up your balcony’s furniture, consider where the light fixture is located. That will allow you to make better use of your space. For example, if you enjoy dining alfresco in the evenings, place a table and chairs underneath it. If you read more than you entertain guests, opt for a comfortable chair under the light for reading into the night.

At The Gloucester on Yonge, balconies and terraces also have electrical outlets. Beyond charging your phone, you can use these outlets to add stylish table lamps if you prefer especially bright spaces.

Feel The Heat

With Concord’s radiant ceiling heaters, there’s no need to declare your balcony a no-go zone once the mercury drops. Because they’re ceiling-mounted, these heaters are super sleek and low-profile. That means they’ll be felt more than seen. In addition to being space efficient, radiant ceiling heaters operate by only heating the space as it’s in use. This is achieved by
heating objects and occupants through direct radiant transfers. You’ll feel warmer than the air temperature while less energy is used.

Some suites at Concord Brentwood’s Oasis development feature a unique retractable glass screen system. It’s ideal for conveniently configuring this flexible space — and for assisting the radiant ceiling heaters on days when wind and rain are causing havoc. At Concord Canada House, meanwhile, several homes offer an alfresco sliding glass wall. It creates an extra-wide opening to take in the summer breeze.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

To add timelessness to our modern designs, many of Concord’s balconies are treated with a wood-grain soffit ceiling. Soffit is any finishing material that’s installed to cover the underside of your roof overhang. It does behind-the-scenes work like helping with drainage, reducing the spread of fire, keeping your downstairs neighbours safe (soffit captures objects, such as forks, as opposed to open-drain-through balconies), and ensuring easy maintenance. For its part, the wood-grain finish creates warmth through the natural appeal of wood — without the worry of warping, rotting, or combustibility.

Step Out to Comfort

Padding quietly onto your balcony to watch the sunrise is made comfortable with Concord’s composite wood decking. Just like the wood-grain soffit ceiling treatment, this flooring finish offers the stunning look of wood. With virtually no thermal expansion and contraction, composite holds up well during extreme Canadian weather — which means it lasts. There’s also no risk of rotting, splintering, cracking, or warping. Plus, it’s easy to clean and slip-resistant.

Design and Care

These forward-thinking extensions of your home are truly meant to be an outdoor living room. Tap into your inner interior designer and get creative when decorating. The right furniture increases usability and décor creates the mood.

With that in mind, consider chaise lounges or oversized egg chairs, or opt for dual-purpose pieces like ottomans and benches. Add plants, trees, shrubs, and other forms of greenery as well as wall décor that reflects your personality. Everything from sconces to clocks makes your balcony feel like a living space. For continuity, look for décor pillows or sofa throws that complement your indoor colour scheme.

Keep your balcony looking good all year with some simple care techniques. For example, sweep dirt into the middle of your balcony and collect it with a dustpan. Avoid edges to prevent dust from falling onto the balcony below. A hand-held wet-dry vacuum will ensure you don’t push dirty water over the edge of your space as well. Place a small garbage can on your balcony, so guests aren’t tempted to throw garbage over the railing. Be mindful of items that could blow off your balcony.

What’s better than enjoying your balcony year-round? Ensuring your neighbours are enjoying theirs too!