Smart Home Tips

What is a smart home?

Smart home technology can sometimes be referred to as home automation and it works to provide homeowners/condo dwellers with security, comfort, convenience and efficiency by allowing them to control certain devices using a smartphone or tablet. By purchasing and setting up wifi-enabled products, like light bulbs for example, the user can easily control whether the light is on or off, the brightness of the light and depending on the product, the colour of light can also be controlled, all from smartphone. The user is also able to set ‘scenes’ or ‘rules’ that make result in their products working for them. One example of this is, you can set a rule that states ‘when my smartphone connects to my wifi (typically when you pull in the drive way), turn the entry way light on.’ And an opposite rule can be set when you leave the driveway.

Why should I set up a smart home?

A smart home can offer security. A wifi-enabled security camera can be placed at your entryway and can be monitored from your smartphone no matter where in the world you are. You can also monitor mail and package deliveries — and see the culprit if your package goes missing!

Smart homes can also offer comfort and convenience. Being able to adjust your thermostat from a far to ensure the temperature is just right for when you walk through the door is ultimate comfort. Asking your smart home hub to tell you the next step in your recipe (while your hands are full or messy) is convenience. Smart homes can offer efficiency as well. Having your lights and thermostat on smart timers will ensure your lights are off and your heat and air conditioner is off when no one is home.

These devices and products were made to work for you and once you set them up, they will!

What kind of devices can I incorporate into my smart home?
The list of devices that you can incorporate into your smart home continues to grow. Some of the most popular items include: lights, sensors, cameras, outlets and thermostat.

Here are 25 automation ideas to get your home working for you!