Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (Vancouver Edition)

1. What should I expect leading up to the Formal Completion Date?

  • When you are signing the contract of your new home, you will receive the deposit terms in the disclosure statement. Set a reminder to yourself of the deposit timelines; marketing administration will have written correspondence to remind you of the subsequent deposit payments. Get a bank draft or write a personal cheque to the Vendor’s lawyer In Trust account, mail it, or drop it off to our presentation centre for marketing administration to handle.
  • We will be sending you an invitation to the Pre-completion Information Event. This event is to provide you with details relating to the pre-completion preparation, closing and key handover process. Legal lawyers, mortgage advisors, customer care, sales/marketing administration, and our sales team will be happy to answer your inquiries at the event.
  • Expect to receive the first Pre-completion Information Package with a set of forms and optional service packages via email.
  • When the suites are ready for walk-through inspections, our Customer Care team will issue another letter to reach you via email.
  • Last but not least, you will receive a Formal Completion Date Letter given with notice at least 10 business days prior to the completion date. Afterwards, you can make an appointment with our Customer Care team through email to pick up the keys.
  • However, due to health and safety concerns this year, we will have a different arrangement for the pre-completion event, walk-through and key pick up procedures.
  • It is common that the estimated schedule for the completion of construction may shift depending on unforeseen circumstances. For instance, COVID-19 impacts.

2. What does the walk-through and appraisal process entail?

  • When the building is ready to open for walk-through inspections, our Customer Care team will coordinate with you through email to schedule a time for the walk-through.
  • During the walk-through appointment, you will be accompanied by a Customer Care officer. When you identify any finishing deficiencies, the officer will mark it with tape and enter the item into our system instantly by using a deficiency App. It will be recorded for repairs.
  • Due to the current health and safety concerns, it is required to limit the number of people and face-to-face contact on site; therefore we will be having a different arrangement for the walk-through procedures.
  • Before you receive your mortgage loan, the lender will require an appraisal to conduct an estimate value of your home. The bank/appraiser can request for the suite information and appraisal appointment via email at

3. How are we going to receive keys to our home?

  • Legal Possession is the next day after the Completion Date. Only the owner or the authorized representative can pick up the keys. Additionally, a government issued photo ID is required for verification upon arrival. If you are unable to attend to the appointment, please contact Customer Care at with a written authorization letter stating that a third party will receive the keys on your behalf.
  • Due to the current health and safety concerns, it is required to limit the number of people and face-to-face contact on site; therefore we will be having a different arrangement for key pick up procedures.

4. During the warranty period, who do I contact about in-suite deficiencies? When will deficiencies be repaired?

  • If you noticed any legitimate deficiencies after you move into your new home, you can fill out a Customer Service Request Form here:
    You also have instant access to this form on the Customer Care page in the Concord Pacific website. Select your building and click ‘Forms’ to submit a new request. All requests for the service on warranty items in your home must be made in writing for documentation. Click ‘Manual’ – read through the Homeowners Manual, Quick Reference Guide for a comprehensive overview of all you need to know as a homeowner.

5. What are the roles of a strata manager and concierge?

  • A strata manager’s role is to assist owners and Council members with their duties. They provide professional guidance, management and administrative services for the Common Property. They find proactive approaches to strata related issues. Their services and duties can include, attending strata council meetings, preparing meeting minutes, preparing annual budgets and financial statements, collecting strata fees and preparing documents on behalf of the strata corporation etc.
  • A concierge provides assistance to residents which include elevator bookings, amenity room bookings, key fob purchases, building keys holding, receiving packages and overseeing building operational activities etc. The role of a concierge not only handles daily requests and duties, but they also act as an extra layer of security at the front line.

6. Can we renovate our home?

  • If you’re considering to renovate your home, even simple cosmetic renovations, you always need to read the strata bylaws before making any changes to your strata lot. It is required to contact your strata manager in writing through email with the planned work. You are required to obtain strata council’s approval before making any modifications. You can refer to the front page of the Welcome Package where it has your strata manager’s contact information.

7. Can I rent out my unit?

  • If you plan to rent out your unit, it is important to review the current by-laws. You will always need to follow the strata by-laws and restrictions. Consider to have a professional rental property management company because it can save you a headache when managing your rental property. Prompton Real Estate Services has a professional team to ensure you are well taken care of. Their services assist you to advertise, screen tenants, handle rent and arbitrations (if needed).

8. Can I purchase additional keys and fobs? How about an extra parking stall and a storage/bike locker?

  • If you need an additional key, you can bring it to any hardware store or locksmith shop to cut a new set of keys. Extra fobs can be purchased through the concierge or your strata management.
  • Check with our sales team if you need to purchase an extra parking stall or a storage/bike locker. You can email us at

9. Who should I contact if I encounter urgent situations?

  • Your strata management has a 24 hours emergency line. Refer to the Welcome Package, call the number to report it immediately when you encounter urgent situations like water leakage, flood damage, fire hazard etc. Call 911 in the event of any life threatening emergencies. Make sure to keep these numbers handy in your phone.

10. Where can I find information and learn more about my new home after I move in?