Winterizing your Home

When it comes to condo-living, there are certainly wonderful perks that deserve to be in the spotlight! Let’s start with not having to: warm up the car on cold Monday mornings, shoveling snow from the driveway, or carrying your weekly grocery haul in the rain. That’s just the first few that came to mind! As we trade the summer sun for cooler temperatures, we’ve prepared a checklist to help you prepare your home for the winter season.

1. Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

It’s time for a seasonal refresh! Help reduce clutter in your home by:

  • Donating, selling, and recycling unused items
  • Switch out your seasonal clothes to make room in your closet
  • Making use of your in-suite smart storage organizers to keep your surfaces looking sleek and de-cluttered (hello lazy susan!)
  • Utilize your storage locker and bike locker for additional storage space

2. It’s The Most Wonderful Time of Year… The Seasonal Clean

As we prepare to host more holiday gatherings, here are a few cleaning tips to help you tackle the most stubborn spaces in any home – the kitchen and bathroom:


  • Clean countertops using a soft, clean cloth, mild detergent and water. Acidic or alkali products, such as glass cleaners, may damage the stone surfaces
  • Clean the grease from hood fan filters by following the manufacturer’s recommendation in the appliance manuals (ps. many filters are dishwasher-friendly!)
  • Look inside the fridge and dispose of expired items. Take the time to wipe down the interior walls, shelves and drawers
  • Using warm water and a pH neutral cleaner, clean and wipe down your backsplash tiles to remove grease and grime


  • Use a vacuum or duster to remove dust from the bathroom exhaust fan
  • Apply an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the sinks, faucets and countertop surfaces
  • Scrub the shower or bathtub to remove built-up mildew and soap scum (don’t forget the shower tracks!)
  • Use a soft cloth with water or foam-based cleaning solution to clean the vanity mirror

Don’t forget about the amenities you have access to! Residents in signature and future Concord buildings can take advantage of the car wash, tire wash and bike wash stations to keep their rides looking sharp!

  • Take your bike through the bike wash station before you put it away for the season (gently scrub away dirt and grime with warm, soapy water and a brush)
  • Give your car a quick rinse by using the touchless automatic car wash facility or car wash bay for more hands on detailing
  • Drive through the tire wash station to remove unwanted dirt, snow and salt from your car tires before entering the parking garage

3. Seasonal Maintenance Agenda

Did you know that regular in-suite maintenance is the responsibility of you (the owner)? Don’t worry – we have put together a checklist to help you prepare for the winter season!

  • Have You Changed Your HVAC Fan Coil Filter?
    • Heating and cooling within your home is provided by an in-suite fan coil system. Regular, ongoing maintenance is the responsibility of the Homeowner
    • Check drip pans regularly and/or change filters minimum twice a year (Spring and Fall)
    • You can contact your property manager or concierge for advisement on how to obtain these replacement filters
  • Have You Checked-In on Your Balcony?
    • It’s time to bring your outdoor plants inside
    • Make sure balcony items are well-covered, secured and protected to weather the winter months (ie. Patio Furniture, Decor, Barbeque)
  • Have You Been Monitoring In-Suite Humidity Levels?
    • Maintaining appropriate moisture levels within your home is important in preventing condensation
    • Excess condensation can cause pooling on the window and door sills. If you notice this, wipe the surface immediately as this can lead to mould and staining
    • To help reduce excessive condensation, you can open the windows and balcony doors, turn on the kitchen hood fan, and ensure your bathroom fans are running on low-speed to help draw out humidity and ventilate your home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips to help get your home winter-ready. Until next time!