terry hui ceo concord pacific

Terry Hui

CEO, Concord Pacific

Terry Hui is most known for his pivotal role in transforming urban landscapes across Canada. Under his leadership, Concord Pacific redefined the skylines of both Vancouver’s Expo 86 Lands and Toronto’s rail lands adjacent to the CN Tower. These two masterplans, Concord Pacific Place and CityPlace, are Canada’s largest and have been emulated by cities and planners around the world.

The company’s growth has expanded beyond Canada, with developments in the U.S. Central London and London’s business district. He has diversified Concord Pacific into a range of industries including green energy, telecommunications, CRM software, hospitality and real estate investment management. Beyond his corporate achievements, Hui is an influential figure in venture capital investments.

Terry Hui has been honored as a UN Global Citizens Laureate, and his contributions to community and national development have earned him the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the Rix Award for Engaged Community Citizenship. His international business acumen was recognized with appointments to the Business Advisory Council to APEC and the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council on Asia-Pacific. Mr. Hui currently serves as a Director on the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. He recently co-founded the Quantum Gravity Society as a global effort to unify the theories of quantum mechanics and relativity.

Mr. Hui holds a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University. His innovative spirit at Concord Pacific is highlighted by several firsts: establishing Canada’s fastest internet through the first fiber community; launching the fourth wireless carrier in Canada; building North America’s first and currently world’s largest full EV quick-charge parkade; and pioneering BioSpace systems in North America for healthier living environments. His dedication to sustainability is evident in the extensive solar, wind, and hydroelectric projects developed by Concord.

Now guiding Concord Pacific into its fourth decade, Terry Hui continues to foster community through both development and philanthropy, shaping skylines and societal landscapes alike. His personal passions include cycling, skiing and competitive sailing in Europe. This passion has also manifested in being the lead supporter of the Canadian bid at the first ever Women’s Americas Cup in Barcelona.